The Original Rugged HamHUD II Packaging, by Tony KD7TA

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The HUDVee by Tony KD7TA is a specially-packaged version of the HamHUD II. It originally used the Dave VanHorn PCB, but the present PCB version can be built this way, as well. The HUDVee was designed to be very rugged and static-discharge safe.  The latterwas very important for the dry-air environment of high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming, where Tony lived at the time. The HUDVee strongly influenced the design of the HamHUD II Rev E kits,which also use sturdy metal enclosures.

This shows the cable entry:

Tony has added a diode here to keep the MAX232 from back-feeding 5Vinto the HUD when it's off.  It's the little surface-mount diode justto the upper left of the MAX232EPE.

Here's WB4APR's HUDVee, and a family of HUDVees, all constructed withloving care by KD7TA!

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