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In the beginning, do-it-yourself was the only way to get a HamHUD II. Now we have kits!

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These HamHUD IIs were built from the PCBs made available in 2001 and 2003, or from scratch.Jason has another gallery of homebuild HamHUDs here.

This is my original scratch-built HamHUD II, which used a Radio Shack perfboard for a PCB.  The power switch is over on the left, andthe WhizWheel is on the right.  Notice the GPS antenna on the topof the box.  I took the PCB from a "Rand McNally" mouse-sized GPS, and put it insidethe HamHUD box.  If I could have squeezed a radio in there, I would have...

Here's a closeup shot of this HamHUD II:

This is Mike Young WB8CXO's scratchbuilt HamHUD II.
Mike was one of the earliest adopters of HamHUD; he built a HamHUD I.

From the Great White North!  Steve Jones from Canada put togetherthis excellent-looking HamHUD II using the earliest of the PCBs, in 2001:


The long-serving HamHUD II installation of Paul N0RLF. Paul built this HamHUD from scratch, using a Radio Shack perfboard. H

Here's Dale KG5LT, who has done yeoman's work on the HamHUD II firmware and PC loader software. This is his first HamHUD;I believe this one was built using one of the Dave Van Horn PCBs, back in 2001. You can see that his HamHUD is mounted in proper "HEADS UP" orientation, in front of the drivers position.

And here's pioneering HamHUDder Tony KD7TA, co-designer of SmartBeaconing and the second to build a HamHUD II.  It was Tony who came up with the HUDVee, a ruggedized HamHUD II, specifically because of the temperature and static-zap problems he was having in the mountains of Wyoming.This HamHUD II is also in the correct heads-up position, just to Tony's left.

More HUDVees

Tony KD7TA made a HUDVee for the pontiff of APRS, Bob Bruninga WB4APR:
Mr. Bruninga has said many nice things about the HamHUD.

And here is the family portrait of HUDVees, including the one made for me:

James Ewen sent me these.  These stalwart Canadian amateurs all built these HamHUD IIs from the Dave Van Horn boards. Very nice.

"The Five Mounties":  Gene VE6WSO, Barry VE6SBS, Donald VE6DKS, Barry VA6DX,  James VE6SRV.
Barry Sloan VE6SBS did a lot of beta testing and feedback on HamHUD II, and James Ewen VE6SRV brought about yet another runof HamHUD II PCBs, which he bundled with hard-to-find parts into "mini-kits."

HamHUDs with their TNCs.  Love those BLUE displays!

Gary Fuller KM5HG built this early version of the HamHUD II in 2002 using a Radio Shack protoboard! (Gary had the original idea that became the Re-Beacon feature in HamHUD II.) Believe it or not, in the early days, thisis the only way you could get a HamHUD. We used to have instructions online for building the units that way. The interesting thing is,by swapping out the PIC and memory chips for a 18F252 and a FRAM, those old HamHUDs can still run present-day HamHUD II firmware!

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